Stronger Than Ever: Empowering Stories From 16 Women Whose Courage Can Inspire Us All


Today women are making waves in the world of entrepreneurship. There have never been more women rising up, standing up for what they believe in and building their own vehicle for freedom.

It’s our belief that each and every woman has what it takes to be successful. Everyone has a gift inside of them, a skill or knowledge that could help someone who is struggling right now.

Women have the ability to contribute to the world and deserve the opportunity to be successful, feel fulfilled and have the freedom to start or scale their own business.

As women, we have always been nurturers and problem solvers – it’s in our biology and many of us spend our lives thinking of others and putting others first. But who is looking after us?

The journey of entrepreneurship can be challenging at times and with just a fraction of women taking the leap to start their own businesses it can be a lonely ride.

That’s why we created the Queens In Business Club.

The Queens In Business Club is more than just a community. It’s a movement created to recognise the achievements of women, to support and guide female entrepreneurs and give them the tools to build and grow their own successful businesses.

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